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Spicefield spices are great in aroma, taste and quality. There is no match for their whole spices."...

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We are using Premium Aromatic mix for past 2.5 years. It is an excellent product!"...

- S.Mondal

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FSIPL spices are really good and they come in high-grade packaging which is adds convenience. On top of that, the service levels are just amazing. "...

- Sanjay

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Make delicious and indulgent frappe, shakes, smoothies and more with our latest launch - Vanilla frappe premix.

Hyper Local Cuisine – How Local Does Your Food Get?

Hyper-local is the buzz word of the moment, and we think it is exciting! Is this something you need to consider, and if so, what does it take to make your food service business offer hyper-local cuisine? What is the culinary experience you can create for your customers from hyper-local food, and how interested do […]

Does your drinks menu need a theme?

Why should the food menu reflect all the excitement, always? The beverage menu is also an integral part of the food offering at a restaurant. Very rarely do people order just food and leave out beverages. If nothing, at least a fresh lime soda or a cola is ordered along with a meal, or sometimes […]

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Crafted for Connoisseur of Sweetness, D’amour offers a range of innovative solutions to create delectable desserts for your customers.
Springburst offers a range of versatile kitchen solutions that can be used across cuisines
Chef's Art
Chef’s Art range of Solutions are exclusively designed for chefs, with chefs. Inspired from International & Indian flavor profiles, our solutions have helped many kitchens transform menu & operations across all their culinary delights.The Chef’s Art portfolio offers a broad range of solutions including Marinades, Coatings, Sprinklers, Batter mixes, Sauce bases, Soup bases,Pre-mixes, Spices and many more solutions.
Ground and cooked to perfection without human touch, under supervision of expert chefs
Marimbula offers a diverse range of Indian & international gourmet syrups, sauces, toppings and concentrates
Enjoy unadulterated taste, aroma & consistency from the spice experts


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