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FSIPL takes a step further in expanding its portfolio
and being a complete food solutions provider to its customers!


Latest in the portfolio

6 New International Seasonings

We are launching 6 new seasonings under the Chef’s Art brand name. These seasonings are widely used in the international cuisine either as sprinklers or marinades. Additionally, FSIPL will be launching Premium Spicy Marinade and Tamarind Chutney Mix, which will also be launched under the same brand name and during the same time of the year 2017.

Food Service India participates In India Food Forum 2017

India Food Forum was formed to play a pivotal role in connecting key stakeholders of food & grocery retail, and HoReCa businesses, with their potential business partners to collectively work towards new category development, boost consumption, set new benchmarks, and serve customers efficiently.

Interview with the President

Carrying on 75 years of rich heritage of VKL Seasonings, the spice company, Mr. S.K Maratha trusts that FSIPL understands its customers ranging from restaurants and caterers to hotels, and has the capability to fulfil their needs. He believes that a change in consumer culture and an increase in eating out culture only gives FSIPL an opportunity to cater to its customers’ demands with its wide range of quality products and differentiated services.

Our Brands

A one-stop shop for your food service needs.

Springburst offers a range of versatile kitchen solutions that can be used across cuisines
Chef's Art
The Chef’s Art portfolio offers a broad range of solutions including soups, marinades, coatings, sprinklers, sauces, pre-mixes, Spices, etc
Ground and cooked to perfection without human touch, under supervision of expert chefs
Marimbula offers a diverse range of Indian & international gourmet syrups, sauces, toppings and concentrates
Enjoy unadulterated taste, aroma & consistency from the spice experts


Providing continuous in-kitchen support to customers

We not only have great products, we also offer value-added services also to help you attract customers and serve the best they deserve. Check out our services below to know how our team of expert professionals can help solve your kitchen challenges.

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