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We highly recommend Marimbula syrups! The sales team is very helpful and provides great service in terms of training the beverage teams."...

- Shashank

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FSIPL's products are really outstanding and have been carefully crafted to provide the right flavors and consistency to the dishes. We are really happy with the quality of the products."...

- Chef Rajesh Variyath

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We are using VKL product form 2 years and the changes we have seen in this products are very good, even the MSG seasoning powder. Its helpful to improve the taste,as per chef recommendation we are using all the BHSL properties"...

- Shridhar Murti

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Launching Chef’s Art Tempura Batter Mix

Chef's Art Tempura batter mix is a perfect embodiment of traditional recipe that is guaranteed to impart rich golden yellow color to your deep fried ingredients & keeps them crispy for a longer time. It has versatile applications in global cuisine & is designed for right consistency & convenience.

Talking about Monsoon Menu

At the first hint of rains, our timelines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are quickly updated with how much, how long and how heavy the rains were, to be quickly followed by a wishlist of foods that make a good side order to the rains, and eventually, the angry comments about water logging and choked […]

The Rise of Pop-up Restaurants in India

They aren’t only cost effective for the restaurateurs but for the customers as well as they are usually priced at a reasonable amount. Variety is the biggest advantage that pop-ups have to offer its clients, the food available is unique, new and different which allows customers to go on a food adventure. Offering a flavourful […]

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Springburst offers a range of versatile kitchen solutions that can be used across cuisines
Chef's Art
The Chef’s Art portfolio offers a broad range of solutions including soups, marinades, coatings, sprinklers, sauces, pre-mixes, Spices, etc
Ground and cooked to perfection without human touch, under supervision of expert chefs
Marimbula offers a diverse range of Indian & international gourmet syrups, sauces, toppings and concentrates
Enjoy unadulterated taste, aroma & consistency from the spice experts


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