Transform your menu, costs & operations while retaining your signature taste

About Sunbay

Our mission is to save standard cooking time & resources while allowing Chefs to focus on real value-addition on their dishes

Ground and cooked to perfection without human touch, under supervision of expert chefs

Experience burst of freshness in every bite with 100% natural, no preservatives and colors

Our products are packed using Retort technology (developed by NASA) to preserve freshness without using preservatives

Why Choose Sunbay

Retain your signature taste as Sunbay is designed to never dominate your dish

Innovate continuously with these versatile and fresh product solutions

Bring costs under control, be it purchase, volatility, wastage, storage & other hidden costs

Free time & resources by reducing working steps using our product solutions

Ensure consistency in taste, color, aroma, hygiene, quality every single time

Product Range:

White Gravy Base
Chef's Art
White Gravy Base 1kg
Yellow Gravy Base
Chef's Art
Yellow Gravy Base 1kg
Tomato Makhani Gravy Base
Chef's Art
Tomato Makhani Gravy Base 1kg
Onion Tomato Gravy Base
Chef's Art
Onion Tomato Gravy Base 1kg
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