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FSIPL takes a step further in expanding its portfolio and being a complete food solutions provider to its customers!


Latest in the portfolio

6 New International Seasonings

We are launching 6 new seasonings under the Chef’s Art brand name. These seasonings are widely used in the international cuisine either as sprinklers or marinades. Additionally, FSIPL will be launching Premium Spicy Marinade and Tamarind Chutney Mix, which will also be launched under the same brand name and during the same time of the year 2017.

Launch of Spices in South

Spices were launched in the Southern states of India. The superior product quality of the Chef's Art and the Spicefield range of spices and also the wide product range has been applauded across the country.

Desi flavours making an appearance on bar menus

The Make in India fervour seems to be firing up restaurant kitchens too. And bar counters. This summer instead of strawberry martinis with Elderflower cordial, and Long Island Iced Tea, we saw a lot of desi cocktails and mocktails appearing on bar menus. Not just the ingredients, there was an attempt to serve them in […]

Does your drinks menu need a theme?

Why should the food menu reflect all the excitement, always? The beverage menu is also an integral part of the food offering at a restaurant. Very rarely do people order just food and leave out beverages. If nothing, at least a fresh lime soda or a cola is ordered along with a meal, or sometimes […]

Food Service (India) Pvt. Ltd. at 32nd AAHAR Food & Hospitality Expo, 2017

Food Service (India) Pvt. Ltd., a VKL Food Solutions enterprise, participated in the coveted 32nd AAHAR – The International Food & Hospitality Fair at Pragati Maidan, Delhi for the fourth time in a row. Organized by India Trade promotion Organization, the exhibition witnessed around 50,000 attendees and 1,040 exhibitors including 78 foreign companies. Food Service […]

Food Service India: Bringing you the best in the HoReCa Industry

The food service industry today is gathering more and more potential and is becoming bigger than ever before. Along with its growth, come a number of problems that restaurateurs may face. Food Service India Pvt. Ltd. offers various services to help counter these problems in order to provide each of its clients a smooth sailing […]

How to scare up more business for Halloween!

Urban India has appropriated Halloween for a while now as a calendar festival – one that we have absorbed into its culture with all the associated fun and rituals. Restaurants and pubs have taken a special effort to make this a huge success, and it seems to have worked very well for them. Posters and […]

Hyper Local Cuisine – How Local Does Your Food Get?

Hyper-local is the buzz word of the moment, and we think it is exciting! Is this something you need to consider, and if so, what does it take to make your food service business offer hyper-local cuisine? What is the culinary experience you can create for your customers from hyper-local food, and how interested do […]

Serenaded by Marinades: 3 must try marinades for your restaurant

Whether its fish, steak, chicken or veggies, spice up your summer menu with the help of a wide range of marinades and coatings offered by us. Even though grilled food tastes good just with a hint of salt and pepper, marinating meat and vegetables transforms the dining experience for any customer. There are endless possibilities […]

Talking about Monsoon Menu

At the first hint of rains, our timelines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are quickly updated with how much, how long and how heavy the rains were, to be quickly followed by a wishlist of foods that make a good side order to the rains, and eventually, the angry comments about water logging and choked […]

The Rise of Pop-up Restaurants in India

They aren’t only cost effective for the restaurateurs but for the customers as well as they are usually priced at a reasonable amount. Variety is the biggest advantage that pop-ups have to offer its clients, the food available is unique, new and different which allows customers to go on a food adventure. Offering a flavourful […]

Top 5 drinks to beat the heat this IPL season!

The summer heat serves as the best notice that the IPL is around the corner and bars are going to thronging with customers. In order to help you keep the heat up, Marimbula has curated some of the coolest cricket drinks this season. The exotic flavours are bound to keep your bartenders busy and not […]

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Crafted for Connoisseur of Sweetness, D’amour offers a range of innovative solutions to create delectable desserts for your customers.
Springburst offers a range of versatile kitchen solutions that can be used across cuisines
Chef's Art
Chef’s Art range of Solutions are exclusively designed for chefs, with chefs. Inspired from International & Indian flavor profiles, our solutions have helped many kitchens transform menu & operations across all their culinary delights.The Chef’s Art portfolio offers a broad range of solutions including Marinades, Coatings, Sprinklers, Batter mixes, Sauce bases, Soup bases,Pre-mixes, Spices and many more solutions.
Ground and cooked to perfection without human touch, under supervision of expert chefs
Marimbula offers a diverse range of Indian & international gourmet syrups, sauces, toppings and concentrates
Enjoy unadulterated taste, aroma & consistency from the spice experts

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